Disabled Handrails Alfredton

Handrails are used commonly on stairs and steps. They are installed to ensure safety of all individuals who have access to the stairs especially the disabled persons and children. Disabled persons include people with movement challenges or impaired vision and disabled handrails are built by Alfredton service providers along the stairway to enable them to climb up or down easily.

Disabled handrails are not only installed along the stairways but also in elevators and bathrooms to prevent accidents. Handrails are installed in Alfredton to offer secured stability where floors are slippery such as bathrooms, and provide balance in the elevators to ease mobility on the staircases.

During installation, disabled handrail brackets should be mounted safely on the wall and reasonable spacing to avoid the rail from sagging. A loose handrail can lose its effective functionality and can also become a health hazard too. Handrails should be installed at a reachable height considering the young ones.

Why choose Disabled Handrails?

  • Disabled handrails installed by service providers in Alfredton prevent injuries of the disabled individuals by offering support and direct them in the rooms at home or any other building.
  • A perfect disabled handrail provides extra support to people with disabilities.
  • Disabled handrails are used in many hospitals in order to provide extra safety to the patients. In old homes, elderly people use these handrails installed with the stairs.
  • According to Alfredton architects, the handrails are the best option for a safe and decorative staircase. Even in washrooms, these rails are installed so that disabled persons can stand easily and take a bath.
  • They are installed on emergency exits marked with a contrasting tactile strip to alert the partially sighted.


Industry: Balustrades

Product: Disabled Handrails

Suburb: Alfredton VIC 3350

Purchase information
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Removal Of Existing
  • Supply and Install
  • DIY Packages
  • Fully Licensed

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